The Generation Game


The modern music festival is an evolving beast. Multi-nationalised, digitized, globalised, organised… its shape bears little resemblance to its origins in the late 60s, but the business runs similarly to how it always has. In the midst of this changing scene, are the industry’s future bosses rewriting the rulebook, or following the lead of those that have come before them?

Nick Hobbs invites two of the industry’s current leaders – UTA’s Neil Warnock and Down The Drain’s Brian Nielsen – to compare methods and mindset with two individuals forging through the ranks.

Chair details…

Nick Hobbs, Charm Music (PL)
Nick Hobbs is the owner of Charmenko, Charmworks & Charm Music (Czechia, Poland & Serbia). He’s a promoter, talent buyer and artist agent specializing in Eastern Europe & the Middle East since the early 80’s. He has a parallel life as an artist, teacher and green activist.


Guest speakers include…

Cindy Castillo, Mad Cool Festival (ES)



Mike Malak, Coda Agency (UK)
Mike Malak has been an agent at CODA Agency for the past 7 years, looking after acts from Jess Glynne to Desiigner, Billie Eilish, Yung Lean, Lil Uzi Vert, Kelis and more. Previously to this he ran his own agency and enjoyed stints at Warner Music and for Steve Aoki’s management as well as a long lasting relationship with the Black Eyed Peas.

Mike founded KID Talks 3 years ago and the program focuses on panels, advice sessions and workshops for young people aiming to get into the industry.

Brian Nielsen, Down The Drain (DK)
In his earlier years a full time promoter working for Erik “ET” Thomsen, later an agent with The Agency Group and his own agency Skandinavian. Started NorthSide Festival (cap: 40.000), DK in 2010, Tinderbox Festival (cap: 50.000), DK in 2015 and latest Haven Festival (cap: 10.000) in Copenhagen, DK in 2017 together with the Dessner brothers from The National. CEO at Down The Drain Group which own and run above festivals as well as concert promoter Beatbox Entertainment.

Neil Warnock, United Talent Agency (UK)
Neil is the global head of touring at United Talent Agency. As part of this executive role, he oversees a robust roster of UK agents and artists, advising on both regional and international touring business strategy.

He is one of the most experienced music agents in the world and a key architect of the modern live music business. He has directly helped to open up new touring markets in areas such as India and China for international artists, and has been an influential player in expanding the global footprint of the live music business.

He currently represents some of the largest worldwide touring acts including Dolly Parton, Deep Purple, Mariah Carey and David Gilmour. His extensive and varied career has also seen him work with legendary artists including Pink Floyd, The Rolling Stones, Johnny Cash, Simon & Garfunkel and Michael Jackson.


26 september

11:30 - 12:30

Room 1, Fest

Nick Hobbs,Charm Music (PL)

Nick Hobbs,Charm Music (PL)