The Curation Session


When it comes to signing or booking artists, who and what are the best sources of information? The festival business is increasingly moving from booking-by-gut to an information-driven process, and as this shift continues apace, what data is available and who are the key influencers?

Digital evangelist Sammy Andrews invites a progressive cast of speakers on stage to discuss the platforms and services that matter to them, and how the ‘art’ of curation is a more informed process than ever. In keeping with it’s data-driven theme, the session will also present the findings of an exclusive piece of research conducted for IFF about the most relevant platforms across the industry.

Host details…

Sammy Andrews has a long history at the forefront of the new music landscape and is considered as one of the music industry’s leading digital advisors and futurologists.

Andrews gained a 360 degree view of the music industry through her background as a concert promoter, artist manager and independent record label founder. She went on to head up digital departments at XIX and Cooking Vinyl Records before joining the board at Entertainment Intelligence but she is now CEO of Deviate Digital.

Deviate Digital provide an extensive array of services from high level digital strategies for blue chip companies, to artist and product campaigns, creative digital marketing, training, streaming strategies, media buying and data insights/analysis as well as an entire arm of the company dedicated purely to creative asset design and development.

The diversity of Deviate’s client base reflects this with household name artists, brands, promoters, ticketing companies, startups, labels, managers, distributors, trade organisations and publishers amongst them.

28 September

11:45 - 12:45

Room 1, Fest

Sammy Andrews, Deviate Digital (UK)

Sammy Andrews, Deviate Digital (UK)