Latest Conference Panels

We’re pleased as punch to announce the next two panels on the IFF conference agenda this year. Both sessions take place on Wednesday 26 September, and we’ll be releasing the final sessions in the coming days, including details of the IFF Keynote Interview.

Kicking off Wednesday’s conference schedule at 10:00 is The Festival Season 2018, chaired by Coda’s Clementine Brunel. This summer saw record numbers for some events. But with competition fiercer than ever, eye-watering artist fees, and audience expectations rising, the business of festivals gets no easier annually. So behind the PR-headlines, how was 2018 really?

Guest speakers for the sessions include Isla Angus, ATC-live (UK), Josh Javor, X-Ray Touring (UK), Jim King, AEG Presents (UK) and Stefan Lehmkuhl, Lollapalooza / Melt Festival (DE).

Then at 11:30 the same day, The Generation Game sees Mojo Concerts’ Kim Bloem discuss the evolving nature of the festival business. In the midst of this changing scene, are the industry’s future bosses rewriting the rulebook, or following the lead of those that have come before them? Two of the industry’s current leaders compare methods and mindset with two individuals forging through the ranks.

Guest speakers include Cindy Castillo, Mad Cool Festival (ES), Mike Malak, Coda Agency (UK), Brian Nielsen, Down The Drain (DK) & Neil Warnock, United Talent Agency (UK)

August 14, 2018